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Have you ever wondered why you feel so good when you walk in to a "good" restaurant, or shop, or bakery? Its because they've discovered the use of branding for their business.

But what is branding and how can we achieve it? There are a lot of theories and articles about this subject but I like to keep things simple. Think overall picture - Branding is basically connecting all the elements of your business to each other to make things favorite word in the design word - FLOW.... If it doesn't flow it's got to go! Something my clients may hear often.

One of my recent projects was a redesign of a restaurant in West Seneca, NY called Christes Restaurant. (We hope you've heard of it, if not go check it out in the Southgate Plaza!) Before I came into the picture my clients had a bit of dated look. Their logo had been the same since the past generation owned it and things had needed a change, BUT, what they did have was a great family vibe, yummy comfort food and dedicated staff. They had the heart and it was my job to show that to the world.


This fireplace. Adding the fireplace to the restaurant screamed cozy.

These photos are actually blown up from original from their own family. Creating that family atmosphere was essential to their restaurant.

We moved the dining counter over near the kitchen. The client liked how she to see through to the kitchen because it was important to keep that connection with the customers.

Here is one of my favorite sections. The two front ends of the restaurant were not being used to their fullest potential. Creating this bench area added numbers to their seating.

We took a lot of time and effort to discuss the plans with the owner so that it matched their tastes and styles but it was the other elements of design which really added to the restaurants overall feel of cohesion. Que the logo, menu, and website redesign we implemented as well...


*To view the whole website overhaul go to:



All of these elements flow and now are what make Christes Restaurant a fully branded design. They now have the whole package. Heart and a design that reflects who they truly are.

Branding is SO important to any company. Its a little used concept but makes a massive difference in how you present yourself or your business to the world. As always feel free to call me with any design OR branding questions.

Now, if anyone needs me Ill be getting some lunch! :)



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