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Closet Envy

I thought it would never arrive....Spring! It is officially here and all I have to say is FINALLY!! (I could actually cry, really, I'm so happy.) And while we wait for the forecast to catch up with the calendar we can still start one of my favorite seasonal activities - Spring Cleaning!

One of the biggest areas to attack is the closet. Do we actually ever have one big enough? Ladies, am I right?! Before I share some organizing tips, here are some closet worthy of envy:

Ugh, while we can't all get closets like these; here are 3 tips for organizing your closets like you had a professional break in:

1. Bins, Bins, Bins

Yes, they can be a little pricing but they are SO worth it when organizing ANY closet. The great thing about bins is that you can feel free to chuck some clothes in with out folding - What?! (Don't tell Martha S.) They also make you look clean and organized without even really trying.

2. Shelves

Shelves can be used in many different ways; Stack them on the wall for your shoes, or use them as an open air dresser. Its sometimes so much easier to just grab and go! Pop over to your local hardware store - they aren't even that expensive!

3. Hooks!

Do not underestimate the power of wall hooks in your closet. Use them for hanging jewelry, hats, scarves, light jackets, you name it - the possibilities are endless.

These tips can get you through while you are waiting for the spring actually spring. So clean out those closets and get them ready for that glorious summer wardrobe!



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