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Embracing Wabi-Sabi

Updated: Feb 22, 2018

I've been hearing whispers of this term thrown around the design world for a few years but it seems to have gotten a hold on me recently.

Photo: Interiors/Atelier AM

Wabi-Sabi; is a Japanese term referring to finding beauty in the imperfection. It's about keeping it simple and enjoying the simple pleasures that nature and life have to offer. Wabi-Sabi also refers to finding your authentic self and staying true to that self. - Now you are speaking my language!

The Japanese always seem to get it right when it comes to living life and Wabi-Sabi is another beautiful example set for us chaotic westerners.

Photo: Excerpted from Wabi-Sabi Welcome by Julie Pointer Adams

Achieving Wabi-Sabi in your home couldn't be simpler actually. How nice. Here are 3 ways you can make your home a little more calm and peaceful.

1. Get rid of clutter!

How may times do we hear this on a regular basis. Clutter makes life stressful. Listen, I can't even sleep well if the dishes aren't done and put away. And I know for sure that if my house is a mess its a direct connection to my state of mind. A good way to declutter is to go room by room, take out the furniture, then see what you have left. Do you need any of that stuff? Nope! Move it to the trash, give it away, or have a garage sale - You don't need that. Now put your furniture back in place and namaste is on the way! (I crack my self up.)

2. Bring in natural elements.

I know what you're thinking because I hear it all the time - "I kill every plant I touch". Lets get real for a minute, why do you think that is? Most likely its because you haven't taken the time to research how to care for your plant or forget about it in a week and it dies. I totally get it, I have been known to let a plant or two die myself, but, faux greens aren't helping your health. Again, keep it simple. Start with one plant on your coffee table. Leave the directions underneath it - better yet put the info on your phone and set a timer. You an do this. I believe in you! P.S. - there are lots of studies that show having live greenery in your home makes you healthier and happier.

3. Forget about perfection!

Ok, ok, I even balked at that one. It's sometimes so difficult to try not to be perfect. We all seem desperate to make it look like you, or your home, were styled by a professional. But we need to embrace the fact that we cannot put a Instagram filter on reality. That's some high standards baby! So chill a little, don't try SO hard. You found a vase with a crack in it - so what, it adds character. Let it be and move on. NBD (no big deal).

Photo: 1508London

And of course Wabi-Sabi isn't just about your home, its a state of mind; one I wish for all of you!



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