• Caroline

For the guys...(and thoughts for the ladies)

I've recently been working on a few bachelor pad designs. Let me just say it is soo fun to design for guys and step out of the "pretty" box for a minute. In researching some inspirations I had a thought: Maybe it's time to let the guys out of the man cave and back into the main living spaces. I know what you're thinking - the deer heads and beer cans and sports paraphernalia, oh no! But...sometimes, if done right (with a little compromise) you can make a chic, sophisticated, masculine space that you'd be willing to even sit in. Just look at these amazing spaces then tell me you wouldn't be willing to let the guys have say:

This is definitely gender friendly! Adding a little rustic elegance.

I am in love with whole thing ^^^ I'd hang out with this guy - he's probably is classy and cool.

This bedroom hits you right in the shiplap! Ah, I crack myself up. But seriously, it takes shiplap out of the "getting old" factor and brings it right back to life.

Here's a great example of bringing your guy into the main spaces of the home. Industrial always kicks butt against the softness of white. Add flowers and wine (I guess) and you've got a great integration of styles.

Finally, you can NEVER go wrong with Ralf. Ralf Lauren that is. His creations are so saturated and handsome. Ralf has always had my designer heart.

.....Don't be afraid of adding a little masculine touch to your home. No one will judge you and it could end up being an amazing focal point in the house.



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