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The dishwasher made me do it!

Have you ever been so set on something that it just stays in the back of your mind until finally you just can't take it anymore? Well, for me it was having a dishwasher in my kitchen. I know, I know, first world problems Caroline; but we all have our least favorite chores and doing the dishes (especially by hand) has always been mine.

When I was a kid, my siblings and I would all have to take turns doing the dinner dishes. There were six of us in the family and that equals a lot of dirty dishes, pots, and pans. Maybe I'm tainted but I feel like I did a lot of those dinner dishes more than the others. I mean yes, I may have middle child syndrome (even though I'm one of you figure that one out) but feel like I did A LOT of dishes....should I be going to therapy?....anyway...point is. Least favorite chore.

So. When I finally moved into my own house the thing I noticed beyond lets say, not having heat in one of the bedrooms - yikes (more on that in another post). To my fear, there was no dishwasher and not even room for a dishwasher. Just to spare you the suspense, I made it 2 years in this house doing dishes by hand and I am still alive to tell the tale. But, when I finally had the opportunity to remodel my kitchen and BUY A DISHWASHER (Ugh the joy), I was ready and excited to finally embark on my own first home kitchen remodel.

Now, this is a small kitchen. Let me set the stage for what I was working with: Two large windows taking up lots of room, a sink that faced a wall like a bad office kitchenette, not much storage, and a layout that, as a designer, was oh so wrong.

Here's the Before:

At first glance - not too bad. Definitely not the ugliest kitchen I've seen, but functionally, it was a disaster. I mean just look at the placement of the refrigerator smack in the middle of the room - it hurts my senses....

So I set out to decide on the selections for my new kitchen. I wanted to get rid of the black granite floor tile and flow in the wood floor from the rest of the house. My house is small and so a separate flooring material made it feel even smaller plus, that heavy granite tile had to go. Then, I wanted to keep wood accents as the rest of my house's trim has the original wood from when it was built in 1921. This would also help the flow and make the house feel more complete. Lastly, while I wanted to keep to a timeless feel to fit with the age of the house while incorporating my personal style which borders a contemporary feel with fresh flare.

Side commentary: Before I show you what I selected, I want to share a growth experience that I had during this remodel. Normally when I do a remodel with clients I like to share a "patience is a virtue" mentality with them. Knowing that, all the time, effort, and patience it takes to create a beautiful space is worth it in the end.... Well all that went out the window when it was my own house! (Again, growth experience, we are all learning in this life people!) My lesson here was tolerating the process of living through a remodel. I definitely had moments. I had moments of envisioning kicking contractors out of my house, moments of "this is so slow I'M going to wire the electrical myself"! (I didn't by the way - well, not all of it, just a little). So needless to say, I feel you people when the reno makes you want to admit yourself to the nut house! I. FEEL. YOU.

Anyway, long story is the finished kitchen product:

I am very happy with house this kitchen design came out. Simple, small, but definitely has character!

One of my favorite unique parts to this whole design is the wood toe kick. My Dad remade all the wood trim in this kitchen and brought the idea up about incorporating it in the toe kick. I love it. Definitely, took the kitchen design up a notch. Another item I love is the backsplash tile. You see this tile a lot on floors but I wanted a wow factor in this kitchen as the other materials were so neutral. Taking the "risk" of this bold tile paid off! It really gives this kitchen the fresh feel that I wanted. Lastly, this slate colored, leathered quartz countertop is a refreshing change to the trendy white quartz. And again, the leathered finish takes quartz to the next level. I'm in love.

This kitchen is small but mighty and what a change to the dysfunctional space it was previously....OH! and I almost forgot .... the dishwasher works like a dream!




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