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Hello, and thank you for checking out the website! 


I have always had a passion for interior design.  Growing up, following my father around construction sites he was managing, gave me great insight into the world of design and project management. I've always been a creative thinker, but I wouldn't know till later that it would manifest into interior design. After graduating from college with a degree in interior architecture, I resolved to jump in the deep end and opened my very own interior design business while living in Cape Cod in 2011. I've learned a lot about construction and design since then and I love sharing that knowledge of the whole process with each of my clients. Starting with generating floor plans with layouts that flow easily and functionally, to selecting the perfect finish materials like tile and flooring etc,  to picking out the appropriate furniture that fits a room, all the way down to selecting the ideal accessories adding that finishing touch. But, I must say, the best part of it all  is seeing my clients eyes light up when their design has been completed.  

I design and decorate, residential homes, boutique retail and restaurant spaces with sizes ranging from small projects with singular rooms, to large home additions, and, have a specialty in new build homes. It takes a lot, and I mean a lot of decisions to make a new house come to life and over the years I've created a process that works to take my clients wishes and my creative know how and produce a house that feels like home. 

I look forward to guiding you with your new home, renovation, or business projects!

Kind regards,

Caroline Barr

Caroline Design has been featured in HGTV's Buyers BootCamp, Southern New England Home Magazine, Buffalo Magazine, the Decorators Show House of Buffalo, and Design NY Magazine. 



Orchard Park, NY & Boston, MA

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